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           Why Not Food Ministries

Our Mission

Lasagna (serving for 2, $10)          Lasagna (serving for 8+, $35)

Poppyseed Chicken (serving for 2, $10)         Poppyseed Chicken (serving for 8, $35)

Meat Loaf (serving for 2, $10)          Meat Loaf (serving for 8+, $35)

Mashed Potatoes (serving for 4, $6)          Mashed Potatoes (serving for 16+, $23)

Green Beans (serving for 4, $6)          Green Beans (serving for 16+, $23)

Broccoli Caserole (serving for 4, $6)         Broccoli Casserole (serving for 16+, $23)



Keto Friendly

Keto Meat Loaf (serving for 2, $10)          Keto Meat Loaf (serving for 8+, $35)

Mashed Cauliflower (serving for 4, $6)          Mashed Cauliflower (serving for 16+, $23)


Delivery in Trenton City Limits availble between 3-5 pm with min. $30 order

Please indicate delivery and location in message if desired.


Orders must be in by Sunday, January 17

Meals will be ready for pick up between 3-5 pm, Tuesday January 19

at Trenton First United Methodist Church 

500 S College St, Trenton, Tn


To place order: Fill out the form below with your order in the message box,

message us on Facebook, or call 731-855-0561.

Orders must be placed by Sunday, January 17.

All foods will be refrigerated and ready to heat and serve.

To be the Body of Christ in the world by feeding and training people with love.

Most people look at the world the way it is and ask, "why?"  We look at the world the way it could be and ask, "why not?"  Our ministry it designed to provide prepared meals for those who might not otherwise have the opportunity to enjoy a hot, balanced meal.  We also work to provide training and money making opportunities for people through our catering program.  

This program is the brainchild of Reverend  Brian Griffith and Roy Jones, a father and son team that have over 70 years of resturant and catering business experience.  Thier dream is to use food service as a vehicle to not only create opportunities for people, but as a chance to share the love of Jesus Christ.

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